Why buy a kit?
Experienced hookers enjoy
the convenience.  Beginners
appreciate that kits take the
guesswork out of rug
hooking. Complete kits allow
you to just enjoy working on
your project instead of
worrying about drawing a
pattern, dyeing wool special
colors for your project,
deciding how much wool is
enough, wondering which
colors go where and which
ones look good together,
etc.   There's also no need
to keep a stockpile of
expensive supplies like
foundations and dyed wool
on hand.  With a kit, you get
exactly what you need and
you can just get rolling.  If
you would like to purchase a
kit with the strips already
cut, simply send us an
e-mail for an updated price
quote - an additional 20%
charge will be added for this
What's in a kit?
Each kit comes with a pattern on the foundation you specify (we recommend linen), 100% wool fabric (uncut) for
stripping into strips of your desired width, binding tape, yarn needle, yarn for finishing the edges, and basic
instructions for completing the piece.  Neither a hook nor a hoop/frame are provided, although they may be
purchased separately if needed.  See
Hooking Supplies page.  Kits may be purchased with wool pre-cut into strips
for an additional 20% of the total kit price.  See the note about strips below.
What colors are available?
Because we dye much of our own wool, we can offer most any colors you request.  If you need colors to match
something specific, we can even dye a pretty close match.  Upon ordering or inquiring about a kit, we will
recommend several attractive options and let you choose, or if you prefer, we will take your color requests and
plan out a color scheme that "works."  Either way, we will be sure to meet your satisfaction.
What size strips are included?
We design patterns and kits for wide-cut primitive type hooking.  Kits are sold with wool uncut, but may be
purchased with pre-cut strips for an additional 20%.  Generally kits are supplied with #8 cut (1/4") with very small
details in a #6 cut (3/16").
I'm a beginner -- how specific are the instructions?
We provide detailed online instructions for hooking and binding.  See the instructions for yourself by clicking the
appropriate link below.
Click Here For Hooking Instructions
Click Here For Binding Instructions
For assistance or to place an order, call 1-573-308-0127 or email
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may be resold as is or as a finished piece.
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Kit shown with optional pre-cut strips (add 20%).